Condition Assesment

Whether you require an inspection to find a blockage or need an entire catchment CCTV surveyed, Total Drain Cleaning has the camera system to satisfy your requests.

Our systems are built to suit sewer and storm water pipes ranging in diameters from 50mm to over 2000mm. All tractors are steerable, 6 wheel drives and navigate through bends and pits. Detailed reports are produced for CCTV Inspections with structural and serviceability ratings generated to give overall ratings for each through a Wincan program.

Wincan is the industry standard for rating CCTV inspections and is as per Water Services Australia Standards.

Client specific templates can be set to suit the needs of the clients to ensure all required information such as asset ID’s and specific pipe data are added prior to the survey commencing.
We can also create spreadsheets with detailed rehabilitation costs and advice on all types of assets.

The Total Drain Cleaning CCTV Vans are capable of silent running, which specifically utilize inverter packs in place of generators. These are mainly used for night works, in particular, urban districts to avoid noise disturbances amongst these areas.