With Vacuum Recovery

Clogged storm water and sewer lines can quickly turn from a nuisance into a nightmare, not to mention becoming a public health hazard.

Whether clogging is caused by tree roots or poor storm water maintenance, you need someone who can respond with the right experience, equipment and knowledge. Total Drain Cleaning Services can supply the right equipment for any job.

Our Combination Units (Jet-Vac) are high velocity water-jetting units with pressures of up to 2,500psi, with a water volume of 350 litres per minute. This combination of pressure and flow rate is ample enough to move large amounts of debris and cut through masses of tree roots. With our hydraulic rotational hose reel we can access pits with ease and run up to 180m throughout the system from the access pit.

Various nozzles and attachments are tailored to suit the type of blockage within the pipe. We can simply bust through a blockage and get the line flowing during a rain event or remove tonnes of debris for a spotlessly clean pipe.

All Combination Units have the ability to clean from a 50mm pipe up to and beyond culverts of over 2000m in diameter.

Debris Removed From The Pipe Or System

Once we pull all the debris back to the pit we can remove it from the system using the vacuum. Our units are able to vacuum any debris and/or liquids through a 360-degree rotating boom 8 inches in diameter. The large Vacuum boom and hose allows maximum airflow of over 4200 cubic feet per minute and vacuum lift off 24 inches of mercury. This translates to very quick removal of large amounts of debris varying in size and type.

All products are transferred into the large holding tank, which ranges in sizes from 7 cubic meters up to 10 cubic meters.

Full Water Recycling Unit

All of our Combination Units are fitted with a unique wastewater filtration recycling system. This system enables us to filter the wastewater that has been vacuumed and reuse it to continue jetting. This is ideal for times where water is difficult to come by and it allows for extended working times when jetting.