What Is Non-Destructive Digging?

Non-Destructive Digging is also known as Vacuum Excavation, Potholing, Hydro-Excavation or Hydro-Trenching and Non-Evasive Digging. The basic process is always the same; pressurised water and a vacuum source are used to remove the material and expose underground assets.

Total Drain Cleaning has been carrying out NDD (Non-Destructive Digging) since the company commenced business in 2008.

NDD has become an increasingly popular option, with the need to avoid damage to services and assets, and remove an element of risk associated with excavation.

Our Combination Units have a dedicated system built into our plant for the purposes of NDD. Water pressure can be adjusted to suit the material being prepared for excavation.

This process allows for quick, clean and precise excavations, which require less backfill, less labour, less restoration, and less environmental impact than conventional digging methods. A controlled water stream flow allows for surgeon-like accuracy while removing only material necessary for repair or inspection.

On request, TDC can supply detailed reports with all relevant information on assets located.