When it comes to pipe repair, whether it is a large pipe displacement, cracks and fractures, concrete or an intruding connection there is no need to go to the expense and mess of excavating.

We can carry out the repairs from inside the pipe.

Using our Hi-Torque Robotic system we can cut and grind pipes up to 800mm, easily removing unwanted material and intrusions restoring full hydraulic flow.

For defects such as infiltration/exfiltration, cracks/fractures, breaks, open joints and holes consider TDC installing a completely structural localized patch.

In Pipe Patching

Our patches are installed at a fraction of the cost of dig and repair and are generally much stronger than that of the host pipe.

Patches can be installed up to 1000mm in diameter. Man entry hand repairs can also be carried out from 750mm and up. Our Pipe Rehabilitation Units are able to work in remote locations with ample cabling to access back yards and difficult locations.