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January 21, 2018

Sydney’s pipe infrastructure is aged. In some suburbs, pipes are over 100 years old and Sydney Water estimates that the average age of our infrastructure is 70 years. These pipes are critical infrastructure for every day Australians and require regular servicing and occasional remediation.

There are a range of rehabilitation options available to asset owners. These include:

  • Pipe replacement – very expensive
  • Pipe bursting – expensive
  • Slip lining – average
  • In pipe patching – value for money

Total Drain Cleaning is the leader in In-Pipe Patching in Sydney with our experienced team being trained and experienced in patching pipes of up to 1 metre in diameter.

Consider installing a localised structural patch to rectify your assets defects.

Pipe replacement Pipe bursting Slip lining In pipe patching
Cost estimate $100,000 $50,000 $30,000 $5,000
Days to rehabilitate 10 7 4 1
Number of persons required 6 5 4 2
Safety and environmental Creates significant waste Dangerous process Dangerous process Environmentally inert

For more details please click here to view Pipe Rehabilitation and Robotics.

January 21, 2018

Customer-focused, Total Drain Cleaning strives to deliver prompt, reliable, high-quality services that offer value for money and continuously put safety at the forefront of all operations.

Combined with world-leading technologies, experienced team members and long-term industry knowledge, Total Drain Cleaning can deliver projects of any scale, from simple blocked pipes to servicing large networks of Gross Pollutant Traps.

We have the largest fleet of specialised stormwater service vehicles in Australia and we are well equipped to supply both large and small projects.

Our focus is on quality, safety, and the environment. Recycling of waste is one of our key priorities, demonstrating our commitment to facilitating a circular economy.

Our range of vehicles are purpose built for Sydney’s conditions.

We have:

  • Large combination vacuum vehicles
  • Clam shell trucks
  • Excavators and bobcats
  • Tipper trucks
  • Non-destructive digging vehicles
  • Small Jetters
  • Bulk liquid tanker
  • Pipe Rehabilitation Units
  • CCTV Units
  • Robotics equipment

As well as a range of supplementary equipment to ensure that any job gets done right on the first visit.

Please contact us on 1300 330 294 to learn about how we can assist you.

January 21, 2018

Project Details

The council was carrying out a major refurbishment of a large industrial area, which included a range of operational factories, storage facilities, and some residential houses.

Project Challenges

As part of this work, it commissioned Total Drain Cleaning to complete a comprehensive drain cleaning and refurbishment programme. The oldest buildings dated back to pre-1900s, and much of the drainage system dated back to that period.

Project Comment

“Our CCTV drainage surveys, and some related excavation work, revealed remains of hidden buildings and pipework not on the plans. As a result, we could give the council a very detailed map of the drainage on the site, almost certainly the first time that has been done in its 120-year history.”

James Harrison | Total Drain Cleaning

Project Implementation

The drainage system on the site was first cleaned with a jet vac tanker. The CCTV drainage surveys were carried out with robotic crawler and push rod cameras, both creating HD quality video clips of the drainage system. The surveys revealed that some of the pipes had become cracked and deformed, in some cases by tree root infestation, in others by the weight of increasing volumes of vehicles, including HGVs, using the site.

No-Dig Pipe Rehabilitation

The Total Drain Cleaning drainage teams were commissioned to install 22 local structural liners.

These no-dig pipe rehabilitation systems allowed the complex and busy site to remain open while pipe rehabilitation work was carried out, which was essential due to the need to continue to operate the surrounding factories. The only alternative would have been to carry out extensive excavations, which would have needed significant traffic management over a much longer period, causing severe disruption to local businesses.

Solution & Outcome

  • All drainage work was completed on time and within budgets.
  • The drainage system was comprehensively upgraded, in line with the wider refurbishment programme.
  • The work programme was completed with minimal disruption to local businesses.
  • The council has a detailed plan of the drainage system, and its condition, for the first time, to support on-going maintenance and site development.
  • All works were carried out safely with no incidents reported.

January 21, 2018

Large scale construction projects can often result in a large amount of debris build up in the surrounding stormwater drains. This debris must be removed effectively to ensure it does not affect other aspects of the project and as a hand over requirement.

Project Detail

Over 100 tonne of silt build up in the drainage system of a large construction project and lines were over 80% full.

Project Challenges

  • Debris needed to be removed from the stormwater line to ensure the line was flowing freely.
  • Project deadlines were impended so works had to be completed quickly and efficiently to ensure minimal impact on the time line of the project.


A Combination Jet/Vac Unit used to clear lines with the benefit of:

  • Water recycling capabilities to minimise the need to continuously refill cleaning water tanks and maximise time on site. Additionally, this further aided with reducing disposal cost as all free water can be removed prior to tipping.
  • High-pressure water jetting and vacuum power to effectively dislodge all compacted silt, remove all debris from the line, and prevent any issues occurring downstream.

Project Outcome

  • Clearance of 100 tonnes of silt and debris in 5 days
  • Project stayed on schedule and on budget
  • Cost-savings passed on to the client

January 21, 2018

Project Detail

Total Drain Cleaning was tasked to clear out 150-year-old brick stormwater pipes in the Sydney CBD.

Project Challenges

  • A Pipeline Condition Report was carried out and it was found that these lines were filled with roots, sediment, concrete and some sewer infiltration.
  • In total, there was approximately 700m of stormwater line to clear which was located in the heart of Sydney CBD.
  • The pipes were made from brick and were over 150 years old so care had to be taken to prevent any damage to the pipes.


  • As the works were located on a busy Sydney CBD road, night works, traffic control and lane closures were required to safely carry out the works.
  • A mixture of using the Combination Jet/Vac unit and hand cleaning techniques were utilised to minimise any risk of damaging the pipes.
  • The pipes were 1.2m-2m in diameter which enabled us to carry out confined space works.
  • Confined Space and Breathing Apparatus equipment was utilised.
  • All TDC operators were confined space trained and certified.
  • Ventilation Plans, Flow Plans, Traverse Plans, Rescue Plans and Fatigue Management Plans were written up to manage all safety risks associated with these works.

Project Outcome

  • Works were completed in approximately 7 nights.
  • Large, convoluted roots were effectively removed from the pipe.
  • Concrete was removed from the pipe.
  • Point of Sewer Infiltration was identified and immediately reported to client for investigation and rectification.
  • Due to high level of vigilance in safety protocols and procedures, there was nil impact on productivity or health and wellbeing of our operators.

September 7, 2015

Gross pollutant traps (GPTs) are one of the most popular methods to treat stormwater runoff before it enters local waterways. Total Drain Cleaning are experts in cleaning and maintaining these systems to ensure there are no blockages and that the asset works to its full potential.

Project Details

  • NSW Municipal Client
  • GPT located near key Runoff Point

Project Challenges

  • Previous contractors had not appropriately maintained the asset.
  • As such there was a significant amount of damage within the walls of the GPT.
  • Asset located close to a key run off point and close to an arterial road, thus required night works.


  • Combination Jet/Vac Unit used to clean out GPT
  • 1 lane shut down for 4 hours from 12AM for 4AM to allow access

Project Outcome

  • 100% of GPT waste was removed and allowed unit to have correct flowage
  • Damage was reported to asset owner for rectification
  • By 8am the next morning, client received report on works completed

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