Spider Excavator

Not one of your conventional excavators! This spider excavator is perfect for the most challenging jobs. Whether you are looking to go up a steep hill, through deep water or over rugged ground – this machine will take care of it all with ease and efficiency.

Spider Excavators are the ultimate all-terrain vehicles, capable of conquering any natural obstacle. They can climb steep slopes up to 100%, go deep into water and mud with a depth up to 2.2 metres, or head off onto mountains or through thick forests, tireless companions on any kind of terrain.

The flexible chassis can be adapted to suit any surface. The machines have 4 legs, each leg is equipped with multiple hydraulic stabilisers for improved stability.

This spider excavator is top of the class when it comes to the most demanding jobs. Whether you are looking to go up a steep hill, through deep water or over challenging land areas – this machine will take care of it all with ease and efficiency. It’s no wonder why they call it “mobile”.

Menzi Muck All Terrain Walking Excavator

The Menzi Muck is an efficient and cost-effective partner in any sector. In contrast, the Menzi Master tracked excavator combines the benefits of a stable tracked chassis with the powerful upper structure performance of renowned Menzi Muck spider excavators.

This excavator structure allows the connection of attachments with high levels of power consumption, such as mulchers, drill buggies and harvesters.

Even when using attachments such as a drill buggy or harvester that require high-performance levels, you can still use the advantages of tracked construction and stability to your advantage.

The chassis width is individually adjusted and in conjunction with the blade, this safeguards improved stability.

The chassis is built with a patented, innovative design that offers the ideal kinematics and power ratios while maintaining optimal stability. The P-Vation system allows for adjustments to be made at the horizontal or vertical level of wheels so you can get it just right in any terrain. There’s also Vx Drive which gives your vehicle unlimited variable speed up to 15 km/h as well as maximum torque across all adjustment ranges. Plus, hydraulic hoses are protected by an enclosure on top of the chassis and installed nearby where they’re easy to see because we have confidence in their reliability!

Built to take on the most demanding jobs with power and precision, the Menzi Master is a reliable partner for every sector.

The excavator has 4 legs, each equipped with multiple hydraulic stabilisers for improved stability.

Menzi Boom Patented is a tried and tested boom with an unmatched lifting force of 9800 kg, completely capable of getting the job done. This unique device refuses to collide at its cylinder while ensuring maximum output across the entire working range thanks to the Spider Excavators power booster which provides assistance in any situation you’re faced with. The slewing ring has been designed for swivelling purposes so that it can rotate up to 360 degrees providing more flexibility during your project.

Up to 800 mm wide tyres available For special applications and situations

Mountain stabilizers Installed at the rear and/or front to guarantee safe working conditions in extreme terrain.

Benefits Of The Spider Excavator

  • Access inaccessible areas
  • An extensive range of attachments includes Forest Mulcher, Bucket, or Slasher.
  • Mulch vegetation from grass to trees (up to 20cm diameter)
  • Manipulate trees to be processed up to 1 tonne in weight
  • Sieve bucket attachment can remove underwater weeds and debris

The spider excavator can be used in the following applications:

  • Municipal Services
  • Transport (Road & Rail)
  • Utilities
  • Construction
  • Special Civil Engineering
  • Forestry
  • Landscape Gardening
  • Natural Disaster Clean-up

Spider Excavator Services

Total Drain Cleaning are leaders in the field of Spider excavation. Our Menzi Spider Walking Excavator equipment is top of the line. Our fleet comprises the most walking excavator units on the market to ensure we get the job done quickly, reliably and cost-effectively. Our all-terrain excavators can service a wide range of industries, which can be delivered at scale.

Industries we serve:

  • Councils and Municipalities
  • Civil & Construction Industry
  • Infrastructure
  • Sewer
  • Rail
  • Roads & Tunnel

For a comprehensive quote of all our Spider Walking Excavators, fill out the form below, call us on 1300 379 323 or contact us at info@nulltotaldraincleaning.com.au.

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